Coding @ Westgarth

In a nutshell, coding is the algorithmic language of computers.  This is basically getting students to program a computer to create something new, such as an animation, game or developing a procedure for a robot to move.  Coding is also part of the new Victorian Curriculum.

As part of our ‘Reaching for the Stars’ after school extension program, students in Code Club have developed an understanding of visual programming language using Scratch.  This free to use software was developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a fantastic platform to teach children how to code.  Code Club has also investigated programming robots using iPads, including Sphero and Dash and Dot.

Students in Year 6 have also been coding in class.  Following a unit in using Scratch in term 2, students have begun using other software to program mBot robots.  This term students will be working in teams as part of their ‘Intelligent Transport Systems’ inquiry to focus on using mBots to assist them in designing technologies that will enhance either the safety or sustainability of transport in Melbourne.


Above: Students have been learning to code Sphero, a robotic ball that can be controlled with the iPad.