Reported Cases of Chickenpox

Chickenpox is a highly contagious but generally mild disease.  Chickenpox presents with a low grade fever and a rash that has small blisters for 3-4 days before becoming crusted. Lesions appear in crops on the stomach, face, scalp and sometimes the mouth.  Chickenpox can be transmitted from student to student by airborne respiratory droplets or by direct contact with the fluid of the chickenpox blister. It is usually communicable for 1-2 days before the onset of a rash, continuing until all lesions are crusted. Please seek the advice of your medical practitioner.

Students need to be excluded from school until fully recovered or at least 1 week after eruptions first appear and / or until lesions are crusted. Avoiding contact with immunosuppressed persons is important.

I seek your cooperation in preventing the spread of contagious and highly infectious diseases in our community and thank you in advance for observing the relevant exclusion periods.

If your son/daughter has or may have chickenpox, I request that you do not send them to school during this period and notify the office as soon as possible.

Please refer to link below for further details from ‘BetterHealth Channel’