Our School

A Westgarth Primary Overview


Westgarth Primary students develop independence, confidence, persistence and problem-solving skills in a stimulating, creative and caring environment.


Westgarth Primary School, in Northcote's "Westgarth pocket", is a classic local school. Over 600 students learn in 27 classes under the guidance of 37 teachers and approximately 12 support staff. There's been a school on the site since 1924, when Westgarth Central School was founded.


Westgarth Primary prides itself on providing students with a dynamic learning environment in a friendly community atmosphere. At Westgarth Primary school you will be welcomed by a supportive community that values the partnership between home and school. Our school song says “Kids, Parents, Teachers working hand-in-hand”, and our aim is to foster a highly engaged school community that values co-operation, tolerance and mutual respect.


Our schooling philosophy

At Westgarth Primary we provide educational opportunities that develop and foster in children:

  • A love of learning in an environment of cooperation
  • Positive social and emotional wellbeing
  • Confidence, persistence, independence and interdependence
  • High-level communication and thinking skills
  • Skills in Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Awareness, appreciation and active involvement in the arts
  • Co-ordination and an enjoyment of physical activity and sport
  • A caring attitude towards, and a sense of responsibility for, both our local and global environments

The core curriculum

Westgarth Primary's core essential learning areas are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • ICT (Information and Communications Technology)
  • Science
  • Language - Spanish
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts / Spanish
  • Sport and Physical Development
  • Health and Personal Development



Two school sites


Westgarth Primary spreads itself across two adjacent school sites on Brooke Street and Clarke Street, Northcote.

The two campuses let all our children develop and grow in a protected environment with children of a similar age group.

The administration area, sick bay and all prep – year 2 classes are located on the Brooke Street campus, while specialist Music, Art and Physical Education classes are conducted on the Clarke Street campus.

All of the children regularly join together for events and activities including the weekly assembly and meeting with their buddy grades.




Clarke Street entrance to Westgarth Primary