Our Values

BUDDY AND YOU CAN DO IT PROGRAM [The Student Engagement policy which encompasses student welfare and supporting programs like You Can Do IT and the Values program are  currently under review by the School Council]

As part of student engagement at Westgarth Primary a Buddy Program operates across all year levels.  Prep students are generally buddies with grade 5/6 students.

Students in the years 3-6 are inducted regarding the responsibilities of being a buddy and every few weeks the buddy grades get together for an activity.  As all students have had a buddy over the years, the program runs very successfully and older students are always happy to become the mentor buddy.  On occasion, the Prep buddies and Grade 5/6 buddies spend time at lunchtime playing together.

The ‘You Can Do It’ Program helps students develop concepts about Persistence, Getting Along, Confidence and Organisation.  These four elements assist students in ‘Being Their Best’ and is the basis for selecting the Student of the Week in each classroom. Students of the Week are acknowledged at the weekly assembly which starts at the end of Term One.


BE SAFE, BE FAIR, BE FRIENDLY All students are taught the school motto “Be Safe, Be Fair, Be Friendly”, understand what it means and how to behave in a safe, fair and friendly manner. This motto forms the basis for discussing aspects of friendship, fair rules, keeping ourselves safe and safe play.

We encourage students to “Be Their Best” at all times so that high, yet realistic, expectations are encouraged from an early age.