Extra Curricular Activities

Westgarth students are encouraged to view the whole world as their classroom, and to develop a lifelong love of learning.

At Westgarth Primary School, we believe in helping children become not only the best students they can be, but also the best citizens they can be. We provide a wide-ranging program of extra-curricular activities, designed to allow each student to achieve success, no matter their individual strengths.

Reaching For The Stars - Enrichment and Extension Classes - As part of our commitment to the education of students at Westgarth Primary School, we are offering students in Years 4-6 the opportunity in 'Reaching for the stars' - an after school extension and enrichment program. These classes will commence on Tuesday, 26 April 2016 from 3:45 pm to 4:30 pm. 

Camp – Each year, Westgarth students in both grade 6 and grade 4 take part in a three-day, two-night camp in locations throughout regional Victoria. These camps allow students to forge stronger relationships with their peers, develop their leadership skills and challenge themselves in a variety of contexts which they may not experience in their day-to-day lives.

Music – In addition to our classroom music program, Westgarth offers numerous extra-curricular music programs including Grade 3/4 recorder, Senior Band, Junior and Senior Choir and our out-of-hours instrumental music program.

The Senior Band and both the Junior and Senior Choirs add to the evening’s celebration by performing pieces learned and rehearsed throughout the year.

Additionally, in 2015 we will have our next whole-school musical. Our most recent musical, “The Nugget of Eternal Dreams”, was a huge success, selling out a matinee and two evening performances. In “non-musical” years, Westgarth also plays host to a whole-school end-of-year concert, to celebrate children’s musical achievements throughout the year.

Sport – Westgarth supplements our classroom Health and Physical Education curriculum with a sporting calendar incorporating a huge number of events. Our sporting program offers students both the chance to achieve sporting success, and the opportunity to develop concepts of fairness and sportsmanship.

Students in year 3-6 participate in both track and field events at our annual House Athletics Carnival during term 3 of each year, with successful participants continuing on to inter-school athletics competition. Similarly, 3-6 students can elect to participate in swimming trials to compete in an inter-school swimming carnival. We also participate in inter-school cross-country during term 2 of each year, an inter-school Basketball tournament, and an inter-school Triathlon at the Northcote Swimming Pool.

Additionally, year 5-6 students also compete in a district inter-school sports program, comprised of both Summer and Winter sports.

Westgarth also participates in activities such as Jump Rope for Heart, which are embraced throughout the school. Students throughout the school also participate in a variety of clinics provided by different sporting bodies during the year.

Kelly Sports is available after school during terms 1 and 4. Kelly Sports supports students in developing their basic co-ordination and ball skills.

Art – Westgarth celebrates our students’ achievements in Visual Arts at our annual Art Show, which showcases the range of different art genres produced throughout the year. Students develop a portfolio of art pieces and choose their favourite 3D piece and favourite 2D piece for display on the night.

Student Leadership – Each year, grade six students are asked to nominate for roles of School Captain and School Vice-Captain. Election to these esteemed roles is conducted by a poll of their peers following nomination speeches and an election campaign. Year six students can also develop their leadership skills by nominating for Captaincy of our four school Houses (Rucker, Urquhart, Gerrard and Walker).

Junior School Council - Additionally, two students from each year 3-6 class are elected by their classmates to represent them on the Junior School Council, a student body which provides feedback to school leadership on student-related issues.

Sustainability Squad – Year 2 students at Westgarth have formed a Sustainability Squad, which meets on a weekly basis. Students focus on recycling and reusing materials to create artwork for display around the school. Students then have the opportunity to present their work at our weekly whole-school assembly.

Chess Club – Westgarth also plays host to a Chess Club, in which students can broaden their thinking skills by learning, and honing their craft, in this classic game of strategy.