Our commitment to reading includes an early intervention scheme to ensure no student gets left behind.

Westgarth Primary School is committed to producing students whose reading ability allows them pursue further studies, understand the world about them and develop a passion for English literature.

At school, children read from a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts, which are targeted at the individual needs of each child. Children should also read at home each night for at least 15 minutes. Reading at home is about developing children’s ability to read independently, consolidating what they’re learning at school and fostering a passion for reading.

Parents are asked to read with their child for at least 15 minutes each weeknight, especially during the early years of primary school. We encourage parents to become involved in our reading program as volunteers in your child’s classroom at school, as well as at home.

To find out more about books that are appropriate to share with your child, please read the book lists made available on the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge website.


Reporting on English

These plain language statements outline what students are expected to achieve in English at the different levels of schooling. The plain language statements are based on the new Victorian Curriculum's achievement standards.