School Assemblies

Regular meetings of the entire school add a sense of belonging and routine.

We have three types of assembly:

Morning assembly

This assembly is for students and their teachers and program aides to listen to daily news or organisational matters that may pertain to a change of timetable, an item of special interest, yard duty, introducing a new or replacement teacher, specialist program news etc. The information is generally brief so that students may commence lessons as soon as possible.

End of recess break

Students assemble at designated places to meet their teacher and enter the school in a safe and orderly manner.

Thursday assemblies

The school community is invited to attend Thursday assemblies. The assemblies features announcements, performances by school groups and classes, and the awarding of Student of the Week for each classroom.

Junior School Council and School Captains elected from Year 6 by peers on the Clarke Street campus organise the assembly, learning leadership skills and developing public speaking ability.

Parents are welcome to attend the Thursday assemblies, and many do. You are respectfully asked to sit on the seating situated around the gym, if standing room only then please ensure that noise is kept to a minimum while teachers and students take turns in speaking or performing.

This term in the interest of OH&S we have divided the school into 2 assembly times.

Assembly WEB will start at 2.40pm - 3.00pm and will include:

Prep Noreen & Grade 6 Sarah

Prep Emily & Grade 6 Andy

1 Heidi & Grade 3 Ben & Grade 4 Christine/Dorothy

1 Cameron & Grade 5 Gaby

Grade 1 Phana & Grade 3 Leah

Grade 2 Nettie & Grade 3 Julia

Assembly GYM will commence at 3.00pm - 3.20pm and will include:

Prep Kenji & Grade 6 Brenda

Prep Ruth & Grade 6 Kat

Grade 1 Ellie & Grade 5 Nadine

Grade 1 Yolanda & Grade 5 Glenn

Grade 2 Barb /Josie & Grade 4 Sharif

Grade 2 Betty & Grade 3 Shayne

Grade 2 Mark & Grade 4 Holly

This will allow parent/carers to move from one assembly to the other within the normal time slot 2.35pm - 3.20pm set aside for assembly and it will give many more opportunities for student leadership.

If this system proves viable, the buildings that each assembly is held in, will alternate from term to term.