Our twice-yearly reports, written in plain English, give parents a clear picture of their child’s progress against statewide standards.

Reports are written in plain English to make your child's progress as clear as possible. They're in a common format with schools across the state.

Clear written information will tell you what your child knows and can do. It will also identify those areas in which your child needs to be further assisted or extended. When this is the case, the report card will clearly describe what the school will do to support your child.

Reporting scale

The report’s A to E scale tells you how your child is progressing against the expected standard. For example a ‘C’ rating means your child is at the expected standard and that his or her learning is on track.

The reporting scale is:

A. Well above the expected standard at this time of year
B. Above the standard expected at this time of year
C. At the standard expected at this time of year
D. Below the standard expected at this time of year
E. Well below the standard expected at this time of year.

You can also compare your child's achievements with their performance from the previous year.

The reports are designed to explain to parents what has been achieved, areas considered for improvement, what will be provided to support the learning at school and finally suggestions for how you, the parent or guardian, might assist at home. Suggestions for home can include such things as:

Discussing with your child ideas about what he/she is learning in classListening to your child readWriting shopping lists, word and number gamesCard games including 'concentration' or 'snap'Assisting with spelling of frequently used words

Parents can write a statement to support positive improvements for their child’s future learning and detail what their child has achieved during the semester.