Miscellaneous Issues

All the routines and systems we haven't found a place for elsewhere - including lunch requirements, insurance, school contributions and secondary school transition.

Healthy eating

We encourage healthy eating choices for recess and lunch times. Students are asked to pack healthy food in their lunch box. Sandwiches, cheese slices, carrots, hard-boiled eggs and fruit such as apples, grapes, bananas and mandarins are popular choices with our kids. The SA Government's Child and Youth Health site has more ideas, as does Nutrition Australia's healthy lunch guide.

Chips and confectionery are not considered healthy food options and are only allowed within reason on special occasions e.g. class party. Students are not allowed to bring soft drinks or glass bottles to school. The school has old-fashioned drinking taps that are ideal for kids.


The school has been advised to inform and remind the school community at the start of each year that "parents, staff and students should be discouraged from bringing any unnecessary or particularly valuable items to school". The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development does not hold insurance for personal property such as mobile phones, calculators and sporting equipment such as bikes, scooters and skateboards.

Secondary school transition

We are fortunate to have a number of secondary school options such as Thornbury High School and Northcote High, Fitzroy High and several other secondary college choices. Some secondary schools have enrolment ceilings; others have a range of curriculum and pastoral care options that suit a wide range of student needs. The Westgarth Primary newsletter will keep you up to date about scheduled open days. The year 5-6 team will keep you informed about transition issues. Secondary transition information is sent home usually between the end of March and the middle of April each year.


Students are provided with the necessary resources such as pencils, textas, pencil cases, diaries, work books and so on depending on their grade level. These resources are supplied through Family Payments, this process is determined annually by School Council. There are three parts to the Family Payments:

Essential Educational ItemsVoluntary Contribution to school programsOptional Educational Items

A detailed note on this issue is sent home each year in first term.