Home-School Communication

Newsletters, student diaries and face-to-face meetings keep teachers, students and parents in sync.

Together we can create motivated, happy students and build a great school. We have several ways for the school and parents to keep in touch.

Weekly Newsletter

The Westgarth Primary weekly newsletter will be published each Tuesday during term. It's the single most important source of information about school happenings. The newsletter is emailed to parents/guardians each week.  Please ensure you keep the school informed of any email address changes.

This site

If you have a query about a school issue, you may find your answer right here on this site. Try our site directory and search facility. Both are designed to make finding information as simple as it can be. You can also contact us directly by phone, email or a visit.

Year 3-6 student diaries

The primary use for the student diary is to assist students in developing organisational skills and for parent-teacher communication throughout the year. Students develop responsibility and time management skills by marking in their diary special excursions dates, when homework, projects or presentations are due. Where appropriate, parents/students and teachers use the diary for brief home-school messages and reminders.

Communication book

There are times throughout the year where your child's class teacher may meet with you to discuss the option of using an individual communication booklet to facilitate individual daily feedback.

Year level term newsletter

Each term teachers will send home a newsletter outlining information specific to students in the Prep, 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6 Year levels. The newsletter will outline topics being studied during that term, any other relevant information and call for parents to assist in the class room in a variety of ways.

Prep student interviews and parent meetings

Individual meetings are arranged in first term with parents through the individual teacher. Letters are sent home inviting parents to make an appointment for individual interview times.

Prep-Year 6 parent-teacher meetings - You are free to arrange a meeting at a mutually convenient time to discuss how your child is progressing or any concern by contacting his/her teacher.

Parent-teacher interviews

Dates are arranged at the beginning of the year and published in the newsletter. Closer to the actual date a letter is sent home to explain the Parent Teacher Online (PTO) system that has been introduced. The PTO system allows parents to book in an interview time with their child's teacher and assist in the efficient organisation of interview times across the school.