Health & Safety

How we look after students when they're hurt or ill.

There’s no place like home when it comes to feeling unwell. If a child is unwell, we trust parents to make the right judgment about keeping them at home. If they become ill or are injured at school, we'll let you know straight away by phone.

Please ensure your personal and professional contact details including emergency numbers are kept up to date at the office. Let the office staff know as soon as possible if your information needs to be changed.

We're required to ask parents/guardians for a note when children have been absent from school with a brief explanation regarding the absence.

First-aid room

The school has a sick bay with a bed. We prefer to keep this for emergencies - so please ensure your personal and professional contact details are kept up to date. In this way we can contact you in the case of your child falling ill, or in the event of an accident or emergency.

If your child has been injured during school time a standard note will be sent home outlining the injury. You will receive a note for a minor injury, however, a phone call will be made to you or your emergency contact if it is felt that your child needs to go home or professional medical advice is required.

Health management at school

Westgarth Primary School employs a part-time school nurse, who in conjuntion with the Assistant Principal and parents/guardians, will prepare medical information and first-aid management plans for students who suffer from specific medical conditions such as anaphylaxis, asthma, or any other medical condition that parents have brought to the school's attention.

Please inform either the school nurse or one of the Assistant Principals if your child requires a First-Aid Management Plan while at school. We rely on this information to ensure that all children are safe and well. In some cases this information will lead to action that may save a life. If you are uncertain whether your child requires a management plan, please call the office as soon as possible and you will be advised of a process that will suit your child’s individual health management while at school.

It is a requirement that students with asthma have an individual spacer to use at school. Parents of students with anaphylaxis are also reminded that an in-date auto-immune injector must be maintained for individual student use at school.


In emergency situations staff are instructed to call an ambulance to attend to very sick or injured children. This is a friendly reminder that the school is not covered for ambulance costs and so the responsibility and liability for ambulance expenses rests with each family.

Infectious illnesses

Illnesses such as chicken pox, measles, and whooping cough are highly contagious. Under health regulations, children are required to stay at home during the contagious period. Your health professional is the best person to advise you regarding when it is safe for your child to return to school.

Please note that a small percentage of children have not been immunised and or have low immunity so it is essential to advise the class teacher if your child has contracted an infectious illness.