School Council Sub-Committee Meeting Agendas

Finance - Tuesday 14 March 8.30am Jo's office

Agenda item:

1. Reports for February


Environment Committee Meeting - Monday 20 March 5pm Jo's office

Agenda items: 

1. Building Projects

   - Music Relocation

   - Canteen Replacement - Science Pod

2. Grounds Projects

   - New play equipment

   - Container Removal

   - Working Bee Review

   - Grounds Masterplan Endorsement

3. Sustainability

   - Solar Panels and Water Saving 

   - Sustainability Policy Review


Education sub-committee: Tuesday, 21 March 7.00pm staffroom

Agenda items:

1. Panorama report (School data comparison)

2. Having your say:

    - SAKG review

    - Homework review

    - (DRAFT) Student engagement and inclusion policy

3. 2017 Annual Implementation Plan

    - Explicit use of the content descriptions (and elaborations where practical) in planning documents to increase the profile of indigenous education

    - Koori Engagement Support Officer (KESO) working at WPS once a fortnight

4. School values posters

5. 2017 reporting statements


School Council AGM 6.30pm and Meeting 7.00pm - Wednesday 29 March staffroom 

Agenda Items:

1. Annual Report

2. Annumal Implementation